Addiction and benefits of Massage therapy in Early Withdrawal, and in Recovery.

Rock Statue Symbolizing Grief by Celeste Rogberg

Addiction is an epidemic in this country and still, it’s shoved under the carpet. Whether this is your first time getting sober/clean or your hundredth attempt. I applaud your courage to look further, to complimentary alternatives to aid you in your recovery.

Withdrawal makes you edgy, anxious, uncomfortable in your own skin, achy, sleep disturbances, difficulty concentrating, depressed and ashamed. Massage promotes detoxification, since massage helps improve circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid, flushing away toxins. At the detoxification stage your body is depleted of serotonin. (that feel good endorphin.) Research has shown, Massage and exercise release beta-endorphins, which is a chemical free way to feel and understand your “true self.” Massage reduces cortisol levels, (stress hormone, Flight or fight), you have been fighting a battle. Cortisol is on overdrive which can weaken your immune system along with a host of stress related physicality’s. Many in recovery are overcoming trauma. Trauma undermines five of our most basic needs: Safety, trust, control over one’s life, feeling valued and community. Touch offers a foundation for healing.

I may suggest a list of Doterra Essential oils to help aid in your rehabilitation.

Your body and mind are healing. Allow me to grab your hand and pull you out of that hole.

Doctor or therapist approval may be needed at our first appointment.

The Rhode Island Non-opioid Pain Coalition is attempting to garner support for the House and Senate Bills. I am watching closely in the RI house bills (H5120/S0068) That would require insurers to cover acupuncture, massage therapy, and physical therapy.

Christine is also a Sober Guide. For more information, please contact her directly.

Endorsed by Dr. William Braden. MD | PPC, Butler Campus. Providence, RI

“Christine is a true healer. She’s able to assess the problem areas and put the right skills and energy into you to get you on the mend. She’s an artist in this field.”
Kirsten B.H.

“Awesome massage. Very professional, knowledgeable. Not only did she give good messages, but also gave great techniques on how to stretch and elongate my pectorals.”

Christian F.